Parent Institute FAQ

1. Do I need to attend if I register my child for the Children’s Program?

Yes, there are parent sessions occurring at the  same time for parents to also be involved in learning about their child’s giftedness.

2. Can I pick up my child early from the Children’s Program?

No, we would like them to participate in all the sessions.  If there is an emergency please speak to us and we will get your child for you.

3. What if my child misbehaves?

Our instructors will do their best to work with your child in a positive behavioral mode to ensure the child remains throughout the day and continues learning.  If necessary, we do reserve the right to call parents and ask them to come pick up their child.

4. What do I need to bring for my child?

You will need to provide a well balanced lunch and a water bottle. We would also recommend you sending a jacket or sweater in case the classrooms are cool.

5. Do all my children have to be identified as gifted to attend?

No, we are offering this program for our gifted children and parents with that being said having siblings attend would be a great learning opportunity for them too.

6.  If both parents attend do we get a discount when registering?

No, at this time we are not offering a discount for more than one parent to attend.

7.  May I check on my child during their sessions?

Yes, we welcome parents peeking in on their child.

8.  Will parents have opportunities to ask questions of their presenters?

Yes, our presenters will provide time for questions and answers or they will be happy to speak to you after the session.

9. How often is the Parent Institute held a year?

Once a year we offer the Parent Institute

10. When registering do I need to pay for my child and myself at the same time?

Yes, upon registration you will need to pay for both the parent and child