2014 Conference – Exhibitor FAQ

AAGT Annual Conference 2014 Exhibitor Information

The Black Canyon Conference Center layout is very well suited to visit exhibitor tables between sessions, early morning, or during lunch. Continental breakfast is served and exhibitors are available before the keynote starts each morning.

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Black Canyon Conference Center Building Diagram

Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who attends your Annual Conference?
A: The last two years we have had two full days with 400+ attendees each day.
They are primarily gifted educators, administrators, and parents from throughout Arizona.


Q: Whom may I contact for information about exhibiting at your conference?
A: For general information, contact our Office Manager at officemanager@arizonagifted.org (subject: AAGT Conference) or call (602) 882-1848.


Q: Has anything changed for vendors/exhibitors?
A: Pricing is changed. Prices include one (1) six-foot skirted table and food for one person each day
Level 1              $275Level 2              $225Non-profit          Shared Resource Table for materials/not manned

Extra Staff          $60 per day

Extra Table         $100

Electrical Access  $15

Wireless Access throughout the building

Level 1: Tables will be assigned on a first come basis. There are a limited number of Level 1 spaces.


Q: How can a nonprofit organization be part of the conference?
A: You may choose a Level 1 or Level 2 exhibit space or just have your information out on the AAGT Resource table.  Contact the AAGT office manager for specifics at officemanager@arizonagifted.org.


Q: What types of items can I donate for door prizes?
A: Please donate gift certificates, books, games, resources, services, training opportunities, etc. for door prizes.  In exchange for door prizes, there will be verbal advertisements during the drawing for those donated items.  Please see the AAGT vendor coordinator with your prize and verbal advertisement during set-up hours or the first day of the conference.


Q: What other ways can I make my company more visible among the attendees?
A: There are numerous opportunities to make your company more visible:

  • Your company can place an ad in the program.  Please see FAQ  #7 for this option.
  • Your company should donate door prizes.  Please see FAQ #5 for this option.
  • Your company catalogs or flyers can be stuffed in participants’ bags for a small fee of $150 per catalogs or flyers for approximately 800-1000 bags.  Please send the catalogs or flyers in boxes labeled with your company name and “C/O AAGT Conference February 6-7, 2014.”  These must arrive between January 31-February 4, 2014 to the BCCC to ensure they are stuffed in the participants’ bags.  If items arrive late, they will be placed next to the information table for attendees to pick up on their own.  Refunds will not be issued.
  • Your company can sponsor any of the following: name badge holders; conference bags; magnets; pens; monetary donations for snacks for 1 or 2 days with your company sign; monetary donations for lunch for 1 or 2 days with your company sign; notebooks; folders, etc.  Please email us at officemanager@arizonagifted.org, if you are interested in any of the above sponsoring opportunities.


Q: Can I submit an ad in the program?
A: A company can place a black and white advertisement in the Conference Program this year.  The cost is $125 for a full page, $100 for ½ page, and $75 for ¼ page.  The deadline for black and white print ready artwork in PDF format is December 20, 2013. Please email your artwork to officemanager@arizonagifted.org.  Ad space is limited so contact us to reserve a spot with advance payment.


Q: How secure is the conference center?
A: Black Canyon Conference Center is reserved entirely for AAGT and will be locked every night during the 2-day conference.  No other conferences or meetings will be held during our time.  You can be assured that your items are safe during the evenings.


Q: When can we come and set up?
A: Vendors/Exhibitors may come to set up on Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 4:30 pm-6pm and Thursday, February 6, 2013, after 6 am.


Q: What are exhibiting hours each day?
A: 7 am – 4:30 pm daily


Q: Where can I mail my materials?
A:  You may have your materials, catalogs, or flyers in boxes mailed to the Black Canyon Conference Center for your convenience.  COD will not be accepted.  Neither BCCC nor AAGT will accept liability for lost or mislabeled boxes.  Please check with your shipping company for confirmation of accepted boxes.

  • If you are mailing items to be stuffed in participants bags, these must arrive between January 31-February 4, 2014 at the BCCC to ensure they are stuffed in the participants’ bags.  If items arrive late, they will be placed next to the information table for attendees to pick up on their own. Refunds will not be issued.  Be sure to mark these boxes, “C/O AAGT Conference February 6-7, 2014″
  • If you are mailing in items that you need for your tables, these must NOT arrive before January 31, 2014.  Be sure to mark these boxes, “C/O AAGT Conference February 6-7, 2014: (your company name).”