2013 Third Breakout Session Descriptions

Third Breakout Sessions from 1:30pm – 2:30pm

Title: Engaging and Challenging the Gifted and Talented Preschooler
Presenters: Sarah Torrilhon and Kelley Gmelich
Description: Parents recognize when their young gifted children are learning differently than others, but few schooling options exist for these kids.  Learn how one school district created a developmentally appropriate program for G/T preschoolers that includes creative play, accelerated curriculum, critical thinking, and enrichment to engage and challenge gifted 4 year-olds. Learn strategies to individualize and foster independence in early childhood environments catered to this group. Admission requirements, program components, and daily schedules will be shared.
Title: What Cognitive Scores Really Mean for Your Gifted Child
Presenters: Dr. Amy Serin
Description: Gifted children are often tested without parents receiving a thorough explanation of how to interpret cognitive scores. Analysis of scores can assist in critical decision making regarding school placement, goal setting, and remediating impediments to academic success. Parents should bring test scores as they will learn concrete recommendations based on specific score patterns. Parents have the ability to ask anonymous questions specific to their children and will gain a more thorough understanding of what direction to take based on their child’s specific profile.
Title: Embodied Games and Learning in STEM Education: The Use of Microsoft Kinect in Teaching Science
Presenters: Dr. Caroline Savio-Ramos
Description: Using embodied games for teaching and learning in STEM subjects.  Research has shown that optimal learning and retention take place when learning is embodied and multimodal. This presentation will showcase some of our embodied games along with quantitative results from studies ran.  It is our hope to have people walk away with the idea that games are beneficial to learning as they engage players to actively participate in learning.  A game environment may be the very learning platform necessary to bring out the fullest potential of students who are gifted and talented.
Title: The Parent Coach-How to Unleash More of Your Child’s Natural Brilliance
Presenters: Otto Siegel
Description: Do your bright children sometimes drive you up the wall? Do they easily get distracted by video games and feel that they are bored out of their mind? Join this energizing and highly interactive presentation to learn 5 practical tools you can apply immediately for a ‘fresh start’ with your child. Your gifted children will like and embrace this behavior-based coaching approach for easier communication; it applies to all age groups.