2013 Children’s Super Saturday Programs

2013 Children’s Super Saturday Program

Held Saturday, October 5th during our Parent Institute. Get registered today by clicking HERE!

*Students will need to bring a sack lunch, water, and a snack. 
 *Students will experince both sessions in their grade span either in the morning or in the afternoon with the exception of 7-8th. The 7-8th program is all day. 

AGENDA for Students

  • 8:30AM – 11:30AM First Session
  • 11:30AM – 12:30PM Lunch
  • 12:30PM – 3:30PM Second Session

Session Descriptions

  • K-2: Math Games with Amy Trixier
    • This session would include using numbered cards to play a variety of different card games at home to strengthen math skills. For example, addition war (or multiplication war), place value- greatest number to 3 or 4 digits, 10-20-30, close call (like “blackjack” except you must reach 100 without going over) and many other possible games, based on interest.
  • K-2: Savvy Science with Kim Jones
    • In our science workshop, children will dive into the world of chemistry by creating lava bottles and slime.  Through these explorations children will learn how different liquids combine and react to one another.  We will also peek into the realm of Life Science and learn what a seed needs to grow and they will have then opportunity to become a seed guardian.  Be ready to get your hands dirty!
  • 3rd-4th: Beading Designs with Connie Crowley
    • Students will learn how to apply math skills to create a tetrahedral kite.  They will use a blue print to demonstrate their understanding of spatial reasoning to construct scale models.  Then they will identify the pattern, relation, or function (equation) relating area and perimeter using standard scale measurements.
  • 3rd-4th: Amazing Alien Architecture with Darcy Hilt and Tara Hueg
    • Students will work in groups using recyclable materials to build a three-dimensional alien.  Students will focus on different math concepts including measurement and estimation and create a biography on their alien. If time allots students will create an alien award.
  • 5th-6th: Shake it Up with Shakespeare! with Kristin Caraway and Karyn Hill
    • A fun-filled day of drama and crafts, learning about Shakespeare, the Globe Theater, and even practice and perform a scene from a Shakespeare play! Masks, sets, drama games, and lots of hands-on learning abound! This workshop is geared for those in 5th-6th grades.
  • 5th-6th: Origami with Kelly Anderson
    • Origami is fun and motivating.  Many mathematical principles such as measurement and computations skills are reinforced as origami pieces take shape.  Origami also teaches the value of working precisely and following directions.  Origami helps develop fine motor skills and enhances cognitive development.  Some of the pieces that will be made include a handy envelope, twirly copter, fancy photo frame, tumbling toy, kaleidoscope pinwheel and an incredible, inflatable cube.
  • 7th-8th: The Art of Scientific Thinking with Ryan Williams
    • Students will incorporate the visual arts into science learning.   During this learning session students will utilize the scientific method to critically analyze artwork.   Throughout the session students will practice each part of the scientific method to observe, question, hypothesize, design experiments, gather data, and develop a conclusions about their observations made from viewing artwork.   Upon the conclusion of the course students will test their hypothesis by creating new artwork.