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An Invitation for the Community ~ Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, Psychologists and Researchers ~ to Connect and Learn

Parents of gifted and talented children often tell me what a challenging and lonely experience it is for them. Despite the myth that parenting a gifted child is simple and easy, they know that many gifted children are overlooked, neglected, misunderstood, and even misdiagnosed. Our nation’s greatest resource—our brightest children—are often unsupported, and their potential is never developed.

What are the most common issues for gifted children and their families? The ones I most often hear are:

  • Is my child gifted, or just smart?
  • Are all gifted children like mine?
  • Motivation and underachievement
  • Discipline, power struggles, and self-management
  • Challenges with peer relationships
  • Intensity, perfectionism, and stress
  • Idealism, unhappiness, and depression
  • Sibling rivalry and other issues
  • Gifted children who are twice-exceptional with ADHD, Asperger’s, etc.
  • How do we find a good educational fit?
  • When do we need professional help?

Parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, psychologists and researchers, I invite you to meet and hear national experts and learn about resources, both locally and nationally, to support our gifted learners. Register for the NAGC Convention being held at the Phoenix Convention Center, November 12-15, 2015.

Parents may choose to attend the National Association for Gifted Children special Parent Day on Saturday, November 14.  A Parent Day Kids’ Program (K-8) is also available.  As a psychologist and author in this field for over 30 years, I know that parents are so important, but often feel puzzled and overwhelmed. Bright children do have special needs, and parenting and teaching them can be a challenge. This is a terrific opportunity to connect and learn with others.

I look forward to seeing you there!